Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pic o' the Week

Kellan and Peter reading New Moon makes us giggle.

MUSE and Silversun Pickups

Jess and I just got tickets to go see MUSE and the Silversun Pickups in April. We are SO excited. Its one of those ying yang things we talk about all the time. MUSE is my fave right now and Silversun Pickups is Jess' band of the moment. We can't wait!!

In honor of our girls night out in April I found these vids for you. The first one is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Evidently the guys from MUSE don't like it when TV producers tell them they have to perform using pre-recorded tracks, and I guess they have a kind of history of acting up when forced to do so. On this clip from an Italian TV show, the singer is 'playing' the drums, the drummer is on bass and lead vocals and the bassist is playing lead guitar and keyboards. AWESOME!

*be sure to pause our music mix before you click on the vids!

Panic Switch, by Silversun Pickups

Christmas List

My list is pretty short this year.
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What's on YOUR Christmas list?

Newest Book Obsession

Jess: Just finished the Sookie books and I want more!!!

Micha: I'm completely in love with Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I'm up to Six and I can't stop. I'm outta control. I blame Kim and Siobhan for my newest book obsession and fictional crush. Damn you both!! Morelli or Ranger...I just can't decide!

WeBook Apparel in J-14 Magazine

We've hooked up with J-14 Magazine and we're giving away 25 of our fun Twilight car shirts. The WeBook Apparel prize give away is featured in the the December issue and is on newsstands now!!