Sunday, March 28, 2010

WeBook Apparel website updated!

The website update is finally complete. We've got new pictures of some designs that we unveiled in late 2009, and we've got some brand new designs to show off. Be sure and check all the stores to see everything we've got to offer. We've got some new Sookie's, a couple of new Twilights and a few sparklers. Click around and see whats new!

Pic o' the Week

Pic o' the week is generally reserved for Twilight-y goodness, but I stumbled on this pic on a account and had to share. For all our BDB this guy a perfect V, or what?!!! Holy. Hell. I'm so ready for Lover Mine, which unfortunately won't be available until April 27. Only 4 more weeks of suffering for John Matthew and Xhex. Curse you Lash!!

Vampire Baseball - New Orleans, LA

We had such a great time in New Orleans at the FanTrips Vampire Baseball Charity Game, the Sinners vs the Saints. We got to talk to Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette from True Blood) about the books vs. the HBO Series and why in the heck they didn't have a Bubba on the show. Nelsan said there would be no Bubba, because "that would be cheesy." Jess and I both think thats EXACTLY WHY he should be included. So much fun!! He took one of our new Vampires, Shifters and Faries...Oh MY shirts to Sookie herself and asked us to make a special shirt for him. More details on that special request later.

We got to spend a little time in the dugout with the Sinners Team and had a great time watching the game and hanging out with the celebs.

WeBook Apparel had a vendor table and we got a chance to meet a lot of new friends and book lovers. We got to hang out with Heidi and Lauren from The Twilight Saga FB page, Kara from, and Kimmy from, and went to the New Moon DVD release party at Borders where the web-girls hosted a fun Q&A and showed the new Eclipse trailer.

We're already hard at work on the next Vampire Baseball event scheduled for May 22 in Salt Lake City, UT. Check out the website and check back often as the team roster will be filling out in the coming weeks. It's a great event for fans and the celebs - definitely a nice afternoon at the ballpark.

Friday, March 12, 2010

True Blood's Lafayette Playing for Vamp Baseball

Actor Nelson Ellis, Lafayette Reynolds on HBO's True Blood series based on the wildly popular Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris, will be participating in the Vampire Baseball charity event in New Orleans, LA on March 20. In addition to playing the game, Nelson will be available for Cozy Coffees - a unique opportunity to chat with with him in an unstructured and casual environment - Participation is limited to 30 fans per celebrity. Check the list of celebrities participating - NFL Saints players, Twilight and New Moon cast members, a Prison Break cast member and local New Orleans celebrities, as well. Get your tickets here!!

If you're going to the game be sure to look for WeBook Apparel in the vendor area!! Stop by and say HI!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robward's New Movie: Remember Me

I know all my Twilight girls are going to be showing their allegiance for Robward and will be going to see Remember Me, this weekend, right? Jess and I are going on Saturday and we're dragging Remick with us.

I'm stoked to see Rob on screen in a non-Edward context. We felt the same when we saw Little Ashes last year. So excited!!

Pic o' the Week

30 Seconds to Mars', Beautiful Lie has been a constant part of any soundtrack when I'm reading my vamp books - or lately, books about futuristic, intergallactic Assasins. It doesn't matter if I'm reading J.R. Ward's tough Brotherhood books, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters or The League books this song just seems to fit. It more than fits, it just torques up the angst - the ineveitable betrayal or secret someone or another is always keeping from the other. It even worked for me on New Moon when Edward left Bella. So for the love of Jordan Catalano, big, surly characters and leather clad boys we love, I leave you with my top choice for ANY read along soundtrack for BDB and a long list of other great books. OH! And Robward channeling James Dean in a tough looking leather jacket. ::sigh::

Do you have soundtracks for your favorite books??