Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Muse - Available in the U.S. Today!

If you watched the 2009 MTV VMAs then you saw MUSE perform the song, The Uprising, live. Matthew Bellamy is freakin' AWESOME!!! Their new relase, The Resistance is available for purchase in the US today. You can hear an album sample here.

Everybody knows Supermassive Blackhole was the BEST song on the entire Twilgiht Soundtrack - and most will admit that the baseball scene was their favorite part of the movie, largely BECAUSE of the song. My love of MUSE pre-dates the knowledge that they were the soundtrack while she was writing Twilight. I can't wait to download my copy when I get home tonight. WOOT!

Are you a pre-Twilight MUSE fan, or did you only discover them post-Twilight?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pic o' the Week

We picked an Alice pic this week for lots of reasons.

1. Because we love her.
2. Because Jess' favorite part of the series is Italy.
3. Because Mich thinks that based on the previews so far, that the Italy scenes in New Moon might redeem everything that was wrong with the Meadow scene in Twilight.

New Moon Extended Trailer

I have no words...only 66 more torturous days to wait!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pic o' the Week

Jess and I are about as different as two people can be. She's an old school punk girl and I love crappy 80's and indie folk music. She's good at math and I suck at it. She likes beer, while I like vodka. Night and day. Ying and yang. Imagine my surprise when miracle of all miracles, I stumbled upon a pic this week that features two of our very favorite things. #1 Ewan McGregor for Jess, #2 a hot Scot (a la Jamie Fraser in Outlander) in a kilt for Mich. *sigh*

We're still busy designing and working on the newsetter so we'll have some updates and fun news for you all soon!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

WeBook Loves Jamie Fraser

Anyone who has talked to us at the recent Twilight conferences knows I've got a big ol' goose-bumpy kind of love for Jamie Fraser and the Outlander series. Its so nice to hear that I'm not alone for my shameless infactuation with the burly Scot! I just found out that author, Diana Gabaldon, is doing a book signing in Denver for book 7, An Echo in the Bone, on September 23. Can't wait!!! Anyone else in Denver going? Wanna go??

P.S. We heard you when you told us you wanted an Outlander T-Shirt. Dinna fash yourselves, ladies...we won't disappoint.

Spunk Ransom T-Shirt and MTV

MTV gives another nod to our Spunk Ransom t-shirts on their blogs! Check the Spunk Ransom section and click on Twilight Merch...kepp clicking...follow the bread crumbs! We LOVE MTV and Larry Carrol!!

MTV Blog - Top 10 'Twilight' MTV Moments, From Spunk Ransom To 100 Monkeys

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Following the Blog Rules

The first rule of the WeBook Girls blog: The Pretty must be on the front page of the blog at all times.

I suppose while we've got a bit of white space to fill I could toss out a couple of New Moon trivia questions...

1. When and to whom does Bella say, "You might have noticed my boyfriend glitters. Its just something he does..."

2. When is Bella's birthday?

3. Who is Elizabeth Masen?

photo nicked from Robsessed