Monday, August 31, 2009

WeBook on Facebook

WeBook Apparel is now on Facebook. Become a fan at WeBook Apparel on Facebook! Add picutres of you in your WeBook Apparel gear and leave us little love notes.

TwiTour New Jersey Photos

We've just gotten back from Jersey and have some fun pics to share. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, bought a shirt or talked books with us. We've got a couple of new books to check out, we have a TON of ideas for new shirts :cough*BlackDagger*cough: and a can't wait to get our newsletter going. Enjoy the pics!!

Spunk Ransom Sandwich

We're starting a new blog feature: PIC OF THE WEEK. It might be a pic of our favorite vamps or wolves (yes, I said wolves - seeing the wolf pack in NJ has softened me up a bit for the beasties - YUM!). We might choose a favorite pic that maybe a customer sends in, or anything that might give us a tickle. To start this feature off proper, we've got a fun photo from our adventures at TwiTour this past weekend. Jess and I developed a little bit of a crush on Fire and Ice Photo's EDWARD. Seeing EDWARD play the piano does someting for the soul, not to mention goes a long way to suspend belief that a real EDWARD might really exist. He was a great sport and let us go all cheese ball with out SPUNK RANSOM gear. ::Thanks Daniel and Heather!::

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WeBook Apparel - TwiCon 2009 Photos

Thanks again to everyone who took home a WeBook Apparel t-shirt from TwiCon in Dallas, and congratulations to the lucky few who won a shirt in our raffle. Here are a few of the lucky winners and some new friends we made in Dallas!

WeBook Apparel is Going to TwiTour Jersey!

We just packed and shipped 500 shirts to Parsippany, New Jersey for TwiTour this weekend. We're SUPER exctied to be taking our Twilight, BDB and Sookie stuff to the East Coast, and even more excited to be meeting up with some long time forum friends. Here's hoping my mojo and my natural proclivity for being at the right place at the right time holds up. I've got Kellan in my sights, girls!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon Trailer #2

I still think I might have to take a flask or my knitting to get through the non-Edward bits of this movie, but I'm super stoked about how it looks. SO EXCITED!!!

I know you've got something to say...tell us what you think!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

WeBook is taking Spunk to Utah

5000 Twilight Moms are descending on Utah and WeBook Apparel is going to be there to get our Spunk on!! This of course means that we won't be in town to go to the midnight release of New Moon in our own hometown with our beloved book clubbers. BUT we will get to see it with our dear friend, Q, so all is well.

Where: South Towne Exposition Center
When: November 19th & 20th, 2009

A premiere party that Twilight fans will love and the casual observer can appreciate. Enjoy The Mitch Hansen Band in concert and private movie showings at the Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons. Both days will be filled with activities and Twilight vendors on hand to appease your Twilight appetite!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WeBook is going to TwiTour NJ!

Jess: We should go to Jersey.

Mich: Huh?!

Jess: Seriously, we can do it. We've got three weeks to get ready.

Mich: Wha?

Jess: C'mon. You know you wanna.

Mich: But -

Jess: I'll be your best friend.

Mich: Crap.

Jess: Wheeeeee!!!

TwiTour, August 28-30 - Parsippany, NJ

WeBook Apparel and MTV

WeBook Apparel is mentioned in MTV blog!! An excerpt is included below, but you can find the entire blog article here: Go On A 'Twilight' Shopping Spree With Our TwiCon Reporter: Magnets! Candy! T-Shirts!

"Another cool booth belonged to “We Book Apparel”, where t-shirts with funny, original “Twilight”-related messages were being sold. One of the shirts said “OME,” standing for "Oh My Edward," which I thought was really funny. Another shirt had “Spunk Ransom”, which was the nickname that Robert Pattinson gave himself while being interviewed by MTV last year. I got the “Spunk Ransom” shirt, which I knew only the best “Twilight” fans would understand." - posted by Larry Carroll and Fara Madi (MTV contest winner)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WeBook Apparel is EVERYWHERE!!

WeBook at TwiCon...what a trip!! They loved Spunk, OME, Southern and the Bonded shirts the best. We'll be posting up pics of folks wearing our stuff soon.

Our three Sookie friends at the Reelz Channel booth at TwiCon.

Books, books, books!!

Little Eddie was not happy that we were reading anything other than HIS book at TwiCon. Jess is on the Sookie books and I'm reading all about Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series. Speaking of which, we are going through your raffle entries and reading all about what books you'd like to see us design for next. Can't wait to see the end results!!

"These girls are totally cheating on me!!" -LIttle Eddie

Wonder what the weather is like in Parsippany in August? Siobhan says its lovely, but I'm thinking she would tell me anything to get me anywhere near her neck of the woods, much less her new hometown! The WeBook Girls in NJ? Mmmmmaaayybee.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little Eddie at TwiCon

Little Eddie had a good time with us at TwiCon. I'm afraid of what his mother (waves at Birdee!!) will think about the photographic chronicle of his time in Dallas, but I can only say that it wasn't entirely my fault. Eddie begged for a margarita - who am I to deny?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poolside Post TwiCon

We are so excited and tired, as all the adrenaline from the past three days has finally subsided and our bodies and minds are beginning to shut down. We had such an amazing time and met a TON of fun people who speak our language. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted about our favorite books, for everyone who fell in love with our shirts and took one (or 5!!) home with them and to all of the amazing people we met this weekend. BIG loves to all my Twilighted you girls!!!

Carlisle Cullen in an elevator...

What do you do when Carlisle Cullen steps into the same elevator car with you? Hell if I know what would have been appropriate, but I at least had enough of my wits about me to pull out my camera. He's really quite pretty, girls. ::swoon::

WeBook and MTV

We got to meet and chat with Larry Carroll from MTV at TwiCon today!!! Larry was the journalist who was responsible for the hilarious interview where Robward came up with his now famous SPUNK RANSOM nick name. Fingers crossed that there'll be a blogity blog post on We're having a great time in Dallas at TwiCon 09!!!

Spunk Interview with Larry Carroll