Monday, June 22, 2009

Stealing from babes

Sunday was my nephews 10th birthday. When he opened his pressie from his gran, and revealed a box o'Twilight goodness I seriously had to put myself in check. I wanted to snatch it from his precious little hands just to see what the heck we were dealing with here, but I resisted. He just smiled at me and said it was a game we could leave at my house for when he visited. He may as well have said it with an exaggerated wink, because we all know as soon as it gets to my house, I'm not waiting for the 10 year old to break into the box to see whats what. Just when I thought that Summit might have stretched the limits of good licensing, my other precious nephew told me that there was even a Twilight video game for x-box. HUH??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WeBook Apparel Chooses Next Design Series

The next design/book series for us is...Harry Potter!! We're moving away from the vamps, but keeping our feet firmly planted in the supernatural and fantasy world for now.

Being HP deficient I turned to the fans and thanks to my friend Howard, his improv group, Monkey's Uncle, and my beta-sisters at, we've come up with a list of our favorite messages and we need your help choosing the top two.

  1. I see thestrals

  2. Grab that snitch

  3. My boyfriend is a Hufflepuff

  4. Weird Sisters World Tour

  5. Hey Baby, Nice Pratronus

  6. Legalize Gillyweed!

  7. Honk If You Believe In Nargles

  8. Snitches Before Bitches

Leave us a comment and tell us which is your favorite!

Poor Bugger

Seems the pretty isn't having such a great week. Gossip and Entertainment sites are reporting that poor Robward is getting mobbed by 'mature' fans in NYC while he's filming a new non-Twilight movie. And by 'mature' they are simply referring to the fact that these crazy bitches aren't pre-pubescent and are old enough to know better. So of course I resent that these hoochies were categorized as 'mature.' The fact that these chicks had Edward Cullen's mug emblazened on the bags they had slung over their shoulders indicated they were frequent shoppers at HotTopic, and therefore not mature. Not to mention the ferocity in which they assaulted the obviously stressed out and shocked pretty - not very ladylike or mature. I'm not above stalking and you all know it, but one should practice a moderate amount of patience and decorum when you're dealing with someone who is as skittish as Robward. Where are your manners, ladies? Seriously. psh...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Design Poll

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I'm glad you guys like Imprint Me as much as we do - it really is very pretty - but come ON!! A Jake shirt can't win this Edward lovin' heart won't allow it!!

Check out the designs here:
and then come back and vote on the poll to your right.

BIG kisses David Schmidt with 211 Photography in Denver for the kick ass pics on our site!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer

When I saw this on the MTV movie awards last night made me squeal and then hit Tim in the arm with the remote control!! Enjoy!