Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WeBook and Eyecon

Jess is taking WeBook on the road to Eyecon in Orlando, Florida on November 5-7. She's bringing all of our favorite Sookie and shirts and all our Twilight stock will be on sale for only $10 each!

I am sick that I can't go with her. Not just becuase I'll miss seeing my hot tamale Alcide and my favorite character in the whole series, Pam - but because I'll miss hanging with my girl, Jess. BOOO!!


Jess said...

I'm so sad you're not going to be there! I'm quite nervous to do this on my own, but you will be there in spirit!

I'll try to tweet and post throughout the event to keep you in the loop!!! :)

Miss you!!! Wish me luck! Hope I don't act a fool around the hot and famous!

Tracy M. said...

Hey there, are you guys not posting anymore? Would love to see more from you as I just recently read the books and found your blog. I am in Denver too!
Hope to hear from you.