Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pic o' the Week

Jess and I have had a long standing disagreement about who makes a better Rhage. She's always been on Team Smith while I was on anyone's team but Smith's...and then I found this picture. So Jess, it is with great humilty that I concede and admit that Smith COULD be Rhage. I leave the door open for the PERFECT Rhage, shoudl I ever find him.

For all of your Black Dagger girls (and boys), Lover Mine, hits the book stores on April 27. I can't WAIT!!

Just for the record, this whole perfect brothers picture hunt is pretty freakin' hard. Let us know when we get it right.


who knows?/yenafer said...

ooooh HollyWOOD...

I love thee

He could DEFINITELY be eating a cherry red Tootsie Pop

Telksy said...

Just curious as to who you're referring to when you say "Smith" because the picture you've posted is of Jason Lewis and he is very often used as Rhage. Lewis is actually one of my favorite Rhages that people have chosen.