Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pic o' the Week

Zsadist and Phury!!! All I have to say about this weeks pick is this: 1. I wish I lived wherever Freddie Ljungberg played soccer so I could become a hooligan and go to every game, and 2. Gabriel Aubry is just...gah! Halle Berry is one lucky bitch! We actually chose these pics together. Finally an excuse to surf the net for pretty, half naked boys...well a legitimate excuse this time seeing as it's for the blog. Wheeeeee!!!

We're having trouble with Wrath. We found one that we can agree on, but we don't think the BDB community at large will agree with us. We've left a hint on the blog. Curious if anyone figures it out.

John Matthew- LOVER MINE comes out on the 27th!!! We can't WAIT!!


Anonymous said...

Pedro Perestrello is my version of Wrath!